Emphasis placed on land use plan

INTRODUCTION of proper land use plans is crucial for ending human-wildlife conflicts in Serengeti, the Deputy Minister for Lands, Housing and Human Settlements Development, Ms Angelina Mabula was told here on Monday.

Already, Frankfurt Z oological Society,(FZ S) is collaborating with Tanzania National Parks(TANAPA) and Serengeti District Council to put in place land use plans in all villages close to conservation areas in Serengeti .

FZ S Project Leader at Serengeti Ecosystem Management Office Mr Masegeri Tumbuya, told the deputy minister that 300,000 Euros (around 700 ml-) are available for the project , thanks to the German government for funding the initiative through KfW development Bank.

“One of the significant techniques that we believe will help to reduce human-wildlife conflicts is availability of proper land use plans,” Mr Tumbuya said.

He said leaving about two to three kilometres of areas bordering wildlife conservation areas neighbouring villages free from farming activities could stop elephants from destroying crops.

He said the project will cover all villages of Serengeti District bordering Serengeti National Park and game reserves that form an integral part of the great Serengeti ecosystem.

The deputy minister, Ms Mabula, said her ministry would cooperate with FZ S to speed up implementation of the project. She said money for the purpose was available and there was thus no need for delay.

The deputy minister is in Mara Region for a working tour since Monday. With its headquarters in Germany FZ S is an international conservation organisation with significant support on conservation projects in Tanzania.

The presence of FZ S in the country for more than 50 years now had greatly contributed to ensure that the Serengeti ecology remains intact.

Besides promoting sustainable conservation, implementation of the project that will further involve formalization of customary land occupancy is expected to transform the lives of local communities living near the Serengeti ecosystem and open up more investment opportunities

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