Hundreds turn up for Bongo Star Search auditions

Hundreds of people flocked Masaki, in Dar es Salaam today to showcase their talents and book a ticket to the ninth Bongo Star Search competition.

The auditions saw mostly young people lined up in huge numbers waiting for their turn to appear before a panel of judges.

Dar es Salaam winds up the competition’s auditions that have taken place in different regions across the country starting early September. The auditions in the city will continue for three days.

Speaking to journalists, the Benchmark Production Executive Director and Chief Judge of the competition, Rita Paulsen, said this year’s auditions have been received well with massive turn-ups in all regions they passed.

“A good number of girls have showed for the auditions and I encourage more of them to come and showcase their talents here in Dar es Salaam,” he explained.

She added that competition is high this year, especially in Mwanza and Mbeya where they had to take six participants respectively and not five as it’s been in previous seasons.

The competition resumes after one year of absence.

ONCE again Tanzania has shone ...


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