Two buffalos stray in Mwende village, cause fear

TWO buffalos yesterday again strayed into M w e n d e village in Nkasi District, Rukwa region causing fears, it can be revealed.

That was disclosed by Nkasi District Council Executive Director (DED), Engineer, Emanuel Sekwao in a full Council meeting held at Namanyere, adding that the beasts must have strayed away Rukwa-Lukwati Forest Reserve in the area.

“I was informed that two buffalos have been seen grazing at the neighbourhood of Mbwende village, but thanks to God that nobody was reportedly hurt,” he added.

In a related development, the Councilors as far as from Kirando, Kabwe and Kala Wards along the Lake Tanganyika shore called upon the government to allow them kill the animals including crocodiles and hippos for food or transfer them to other reserved areas, where they would be safe.

“Hippos and crocodiles have increased in numbers and subsequently threaten our people’s lives and it is now possible to see hippos during daytime entering in villagers’ homes and houses when they forget to lock doors.

Actually, they are threatening our lives,” noted Asante Lubisha , a Councilor from Kabwe Ward. Similar sentiments were echoed by Councilors; Thadeo Kisolo and Seba Kakuli from Kala and Kirando Wards respectively.

“Most of the victims of crocodiles’ attacks are people from outside the area, who are not aware of their presence, and worse still when they attack people, they swallow them whole including their Identity Cards making it impossible to recognize them,” pointed out Mr Kisoli.

However, last week the government through the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism said was that it was planning to harvest some wildlife beasts including hippos, which stray into people’s farms and other human settlements in five districts in the country.

The revelation was made by Tanzania Wildlife Authority (Tawa), Conservation Commissioner, Dr James Wakibara during a press at the sideline of a two month paramilitary training held at Mlele Center in Katavi Region.

That was when the reporters wanted to know the government’s efforts to control large number of hippos, which reportedly invade and cause havoc at Milala Dam site.

He named some of the districts as; Mpanda (Katavi), Nkasi (Rukwa), Babati (Manyara) and, Meatu, noting that in some cases the presence of the animals have forced some of the villagers to migrate.

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