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Yanga should tackle task ahead of them seriously

TANZANIAN envoys in the continental ties, Young Africans, as sole flag bearers remaining in the race, have a big task ahead of them, although they have been relegated to the CAF Confederations Cup level.

Yanga have remained after five other teams -Azam, KMC, Simba, Malindi and KMKM -crashed out in the early stages.

Hence they have a big task for the benefit of the club, players, as well as their nation as they carry our nation’s emblem in foreign arenas.

It is painful that following an early exit of five other teams, our players will miss a platform to showcase and market their skills and their teams, all of them very crucial in a modern and business oriented football.

This should be a big lesson to our teams heading to the next year’s season.

We urge the teams and players to take all their local league matches seriously, and use all skills available when playing so that they will become better and highly marketable next season.

For Simba and Azam, who are already out of the continental level championships, the early ouster, though very painful to both the players and management, must be used to do a thorough analysis to see where they slipped and what their strength was in order to maintain it.

For Yanga, who know very well that CAF Champions League draws the champions and is highly competitive, must not expect an easy ride in the Confederations Cup stage despite its slightly lower status.

Yanga should know that they don’t do it for themselves when they succeed; It will be rather a country level benefit since if they advance their country’s FA gets points as was the case with Simba last season.

The Simba feat earned Tanzania 15 points, and together with 3 points brought by Yanga a year before,

Tanzania managed to field four teams instead of the normal two for many countries that do not perform well in the CAF sanctioned tournaments at the club level.

The continental level tournament has been like a barometer to gauge where we stand as both the Champions League and the Confederations Cup provide a stage where the country’s flag can be flown very high whenever our representatives do very well.

What we can only urge Yanga is to adequately drill their players physically and psychologically while we Tanzanians promise them to rally behind in both their home and away matches.

And we know that, if they can do so, we can compete against whichever clubs we will face in an era where the north and West African giants appear to have lost their aura of invincibility.

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