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Let contractors honour contractual terms, complete projects on time

WATER is everything and it is life. Of all the earth’s surface water, freshwater accounts for only 2.5 per cent. The rest is salt water.

This makes freshwater to be one of the scarce resources that must be used sparingly for our survival.

The government has invested a lot of money in water projects to ensure regions and districts, whose residents experience shortages of water, access it all the time.

The government has also been firm on how water and other development projects should be implemented, completed on time and be up to standard so that they reflect the value for money.

In some parts of the country women especially have been travelling long distances in search of drinking water and even some schools, health facilities and places of worship have been experiencing water shortages for a long time.

Residents in areas with water shortages are conditioned to use unsafe water which risks their health and that of their domestic animals.

Water is not only for drinking, but also for other uses such as irrigation, power generation and fishing purposes.

That is why it is a precious resource and as a nation we have the obligation of not only protecting water sources, but also of maintaining water projects so that they last for a long time.

In light of this, on Sunday President John Magufuli denounced the shoddy implementation of over 20bn/-water projects in Rukwa Region, directing the contractor, Fally Enterprises Limited, to be held accountable and that all water projects contracted by the contractor should be investigated to ensure no fund has been mismanaged for personal interests.

President Magufuli has time and again been concerned about delayed development projects in other parts of the country and each time a project reeks of corruption or is unreasonably delayed he spares nobody implicated in either project delays, mismanagement of resources or poor implementation of the project.

He has been reiterating that Tanzanians want to use safe and clean water and women especially are tired of travelling long distances in search of water, instead they want to engage in productive activities that will improve their livelihoods.

If every Tanzanian actively plays his or her part in whatever lawful activity each is involved in we are sure that we will be able to bring about desirable change in our own lives.

Therefore, we appeal to all those involved in the implementation of development projects to ensure they deliver to public expectations and we project beneficiaries have also the obligation to take care of them so that they may last for a long time–that is citizens will access basic social services for a long time and for present and future generations

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