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Tourism is a tool of poverty alleviation

TANZANIA has been one of the Sub-Saharan African countries which have seen robust growth in tourism in recent years.

The country’s principal tourism products for the major markets currently revolve around culture and nature.

However, these cultural and nature-based trips could be packaged in combination with the country’s numerous other attractions such as beach tourism.

The meeting industry is another example of a growing and lucrative tourism product that could be capitalised on in Tanzania, in particular as its economic and trade links increase with other world regions.

At the same time, other factors such as improved air access could also strongly benefit the further growth of tourism in Tanzania.

Another important opportunity lies in increased regional cooperation in areas such as travel facilitation (visas) and marketing.

Indeed, tourism is currently among the top three sources of export earnings for nearly half of developing countries, meaning it is a key sector for their participation in the global economy.

Tourists flowing into and around the country give rise to vital foreign exchange, investment and know-how for Tanzania; With a significant multiplier effect on many other areas of the economy.

Tourism can also be a driver for the development of infrastructure–transport, water supply and sanitation.

Tourism is an extremely labour-intensive sector and offers a fast entry-point into the workforce, especially for women and young people.

As such it provides crucial opportunities for fair income, social protection, gender equality, personal development and social inclusion for the most vulnerable.

The sector caters for all degrees of skills and is a sector within which opportunities for growth, qualifications and career advancement are plentiful.

We’re pleased to see that tourism is increasingly recognised as a tool for poverty alleviation and is finding its place in the development agenda.

Much is still to be done in this regard, but we are advancing.

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