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‘Inspection critical in ascertaining safer vehicles’

VEHICLE inspection is an important facet of road safety that is designed to ensure that all vehicles plying the country’s roads conform to safety standards issued by regulatory authorities, a move that is aimed at reducing crashes and saving lives.

The Head of Traffic Police - Education Department, Superintendent of Police (SP) Abel Swai said this in an exclusive interview with the ‘Daily News’ in Dodoma recently, adding that the inspection exercise is carried out at various police stations and other designated areas within the country to ascertain vehicles’ road worthiness.

“Regular vehicle inspection exercise started in March, this year, of which passenger vehicles and trucks are inspected twice a year, while private cars undergo the exercise once a year.

So, motorists who did not present their vehicles for inspection at the specified time will face legal action,” he said.

Vehicles that meet the required standards under the regular inspection exercise are issued with a vehicle inspection report which is also known as Police Form number 93 and a sticker that proves that the vehicle examination was undertaken.

SP Swai said that police officers around the country are now conducting an operation that is aimed at determining those that were inspected and those who defied the legal requirement.

“Drivers and owners of vehicles that fail to meet the requirement of road worthiness will be charged 30,000/- fine on the spot or taken to court for further legal action, which might result in a penalty of between 50,000/- and 300,000/- or two years up to three years imprisonment or both,” SP Swai added.

The country is also inspecting imported secondhand vehicles in collaboration with the Tanzania Bureau of Standard (TBS) which is in charge of conducting ‘Road use eligibility inspection’ of all second-hand cars entering the country and the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) and the Surface and Marine Transport Regulatory Authority (Sumatra) as well.

Vehicle inspections are designed to confirm documents on compliance with safety, emission and comfort standards issued by the international and local regulatory authorities like TRA and Sumatra which are qualified to perform the checking, at regular intervals, of the general condition of imported vehicles.

The exercise is aimed at inspecting the important element such as body condition of the vehicle, chassis, wiring, standard tyres and braking system in minimizing the risks of unsafe and sub-standard imported cars in the country, SP Swai noted and concluded that the inspection will promote safety, health and environmental protection.

An imported used vehicle is supposed to have passed a safety inspection from the manufacturer and upon arrival at the local port, the used cars are supposed to come with official certificates showing that they have undergone the necessary inspection to avoid the penalty.

The Head of Legal Department at Traffic Police Headquarters, Superintendent of Police (SP), Deus Sokoni, while making a presentation during a three-day road safety training for journalists, implemented under the Road Safety Journalism Training Fellowship Programme (2019) held in Dodoma recently, said that vehicle inspections in the country are carried out with modern testing and recording equipment operated by highly qualified mechanical technician.

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