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TADB boosts coffee production in Kagera

IN a bid to support AMCOS operations in Kagera region, the Tanzania Agriculture Development Bank (TADB) has provided motorcycles, which will be used in facilitating supervision activities.

The bank has offered two motorcycles to Nyakatuntu and Luicho AMCOS to easy administration duties. The motorcycles were presented at a ceremony attended by Kagera Regional Commissioner Brigadier General Marco Gaguti as part of the corporate social responsibilities.

The donation followed by the commitment made on September, this year, during the Managing Director of TADB, Mr Japhet Justin visit in Karagwe and Kyerwa districts where he met coffee farmers to discuss various challenges they face in the sector.

TADB was pleased with two AMCOs’ performance in increasing productivity, management efficiency, which involved the opening of new bank account for farmers.

During the hand over ceremony, the RC said: “This season we have experienced early payments compared to last season, as the region does not have the challenge of paying farmers their initial payments, thanks to TADB.”

The two AMCOs have shown positive results for farmers using the digital system, as reported by CRDB bank, Bukoba branch, Mr Karlo said more 67,000 accounts have been opened by farmers in the region.

Moreover, TADB has been pleased with the increase of coffee production of Nyakantutu Amcos which has achieved beyond target; from collecting 250 tonnes of coffee in 2018 to 385 tonnes in September this year.

TADB has invested over 39bn/- in KDCU, KCU and NFCU with the quest to boost Coffee production as part of the Bank’s overall strategy to boost agriculture sector.

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