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Dar secures more funds from WB, DFID to develop river

DAR ES SALAAM Regional Commissioner Paul Makonda has said there are more good developments in sight in the city as $100m from World Bank (WB) and £20m from Department for International Development (DFID) has been secured for the transformation of Msimbazi River, thanks to President John Magufuli’s efforts to look for funds.

Mr Makonda disclosed this at Julius Nyerere International Conference Centre (JICC) as he was briefing religious leaders from different denominations in the city of Dar es Salaam on Monday on the great strides made in the city during the four years of President Magufuli since he came to power in 2015.

“The President has received £20m as a grant from Britain by DFID and $100m from World Bank as a loan,” he said.

He explained that the money would fund the transformation of Msimbazi River and ensure safety to those who lived near it.

“But I also have some more good news. The money will be used to make Msimbazi River safe for those living near it,” he noted.

He added that, the President’s plan was to work on a 8km river stretch that would lead to the expansion of the bridge to 300m high and ensure floods are no longer a threat to Dar es Salaam residents as there would be uninterrupted flow of water to the Indian Ocean.

Water will flow from the river to the Indian Ocean and boats will be allowed to pass after this development.

There will also be the setting up of a botanic garden, a hotel and other tourist attractions.

Mr Makonda stressed that a design had been completed and next week it would be submitted to the Ministry of Finance and Planning to begin the process of looking for a contractor.

There are several reasons that cause floods in Dar es Salaam.

They include human activities along the river, such as sand extraction and buildings near Msimbazi River, among others.

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