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Simba to decide Aussems’ fate today

THE fate of Simba SC Head Coach, Patrick Aussems will be known today, when the club’s Board of Directors meet to deliberate various matters concerning the club’s development.

Aussems is walking tightrope and the Belgian tactician is reportedly to have been suspended by his club for the past five days, pending today’s decision.

However, Aussems has since made it clear that he will respect any decision to be made by the club’s management regarding his future at the reigning champions.

“To be totally honest with you guys, I have offers months and months and every two weeks. For my side, there is no problem. If the board and management want to make other decision, I will respect their decision,” he said.

Recently, it has been widely reported that Aussems is at loggerhead with the club’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Senzo Mazingiza and Interim Chairman Mwina Kaduguda and in an interview recently, Kaduguda was heard saying ‘coaches are hired to be fired.’

It all started a week ago, when the tactician left the club for reportedly his native Belgium and immediately after his sudden departure rumours started to spread on social media that he has decided to leave the club for good.

It was further reported that Aussems did not inform the club officials on his departure due to unknown reasons.

Aussems did not show up on his team’s training sessions at the Dar es Salaam Gymkhana Club (DGC) on November 18, fueling the spreading rumours that he has deserted the club.

However, Aussems cleared the air confirming that it was true that he had left the country to his native home, where he had some personal issues to deal with. He wrote through his Instagram account; “I had to leave for two days for personal reasons, I’ll be back tomorrow (November 20th) to prepare for our match against Ruvu Shooting and get three more points…..”

Mazingiza also confirmed that Aussems had requested for a three day permission to deal with his personal issues in Belgium. Mazingiza insisted that coach Aussems is still employed at Simba and will assume his role.

“He sent an email to me on Monday morning (November 18th), saying he has an emergency and he’s flying out, he did not say where he was going. When he’s back, I will have more details,” said Mazingiza.

It is reported that the CEO was not pleased with the coach’s decision to inform him about his departure late, while he was already on the process to fly out of the country.

Immediately after the Belgian jetted back, it was reported that Aussems was summoned by the CEO and Interim Chairman Kaduguda but he failed to show up.

However, he was served with his suspension letter shortly after the Mainland Premier League match against Ruvu Shooting at the Uhuru Stadium in Dar es Salaam last Friday in which, Simba won 3-0.

It is reported that the club decided to summon Aussems to appear at the Board of Director and he has been charged with two counts -- the first being leaving the club unexpectedly without informing his employer in advance.

Secondly, he is charged with the failure to attend the meeting summoned by CEO Mazingiza and Interim Chairman Kaduguda.

For the past few weeks, Aussems has been linked with several clubs such as Polokwane City FC of South Africa, which recently parted ways with Serbian coach Zlatko Krmpotic.

Aussems is also linked with a deal to Zambian Nkana FC and AS Vita of Congo DR.

Meanwhile, Simba skipper, John Bocco who has been out of action for quite some time due to knee injury, is currently in South Africa, for further medical check-up and treatment.

The club decided to send Bocco to South Africa, to ensure he fully regain his fitness.

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