Let’s feel proud of keeping our homes, cities clean, green

WE have been reminding fellow Tanzanians time and time again to keep our homes, compounds, offices, towns and cities clean and green for we value environmental protection and conservation and today we still feel compelled to do the same.

The reason we are doing this is because we still see heaps of uncollected garbage near our streets, roads and markets especially in our cities and towns and Dar es Salaam is a case in point.

Unfortunately, the majority of us seem to mind their own business and don’t care a straw about cleanliness and creating a green and healthy home or environment.

As a result, when they go to their workplace they tend to do what they are used to doing at home–they may litter a place and don’t care about especially if they know there is nobody watching them or threatens to fine to take them to court for littering the environment.

On the other hand, because there is high production of industrial and domestic waste due to the number of people flocking to cities and towns in search of greener pastures, it is not surprising to find heaps of uncollected garbage on the streets which may stay there for a few days or weeks.

As we had pointed out before, we don’t want to point an accusing finger at anybody or authority, but rather we want to remind each other to keep our homes, compounds, streets, offices and the environment clean and on top that plant as many trees as possible and take care of them.

Tanzania is endowed with abundant natural resources, including natural and established forests that can help mitigate climate change effects through carbon sequestration and biodiversity enhancement.

If we participate in making our homes and environment clean and green for sure we won’t tolerate to see anybody littering our neighbourhood, cutting down trees at will or causing a bushfire.

We won’t tolerate it because we have developed a culture of keeping the environment clean and green all the time and we care for it.

But why do people seem to be so forgetful of cleanliness and keeping their neighbourhood green?

Perhaps it is because it is not their culture–meaning they grew up without valuing cleanliness and a green neighbourhood–and that is why they don’t care it at all.

As we are often reminded by environmentalists, let us learn to keep our neighbourhood clean and green and doing this is not expensive at all.

It is only a matter of choice to say “Yes” to cleanliness and a green neighbourhood and “No” to garbage littering.

IT is a highly commendable return of live ...

Mwandishi: EDITOR

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