KAN festival set to highlight African agenda

THE stage is set for the Knowledge, Arts and Networking (KAN) festival, a platform where Africans and friends of Africa from all over the world convene to deliberate on issues of the continent.

The two-day event scheduled to begin this Wednesday at the MS Training Centre for Development Cooperation, popularly known as the Danish Centre at USA River in the city’s outskirts, will feature conversations, storytelling, spoken word, workshops and film screening with lively nights of art and networking aimed at celebrating Africa’s rich heritage as well as showcasing artistic exhibitions and performances from seven African countries.

KAN Festival Director, Mr Dave Ojay said here at the weekend that the event will provide space where practitioners collectively explore practical ways of understanding and appreciating their roles in confronting everyday challenges while deepening their contribution to effectual development on the African continent.

“More often than not, we’ve been listening to stories and thoughts told on our behalf, it is high time now Africans tell their own stories in their own way,” said Mr Ojay.

During the festival, development practitioners from different persuasions set aside some time, as the year begins, to reflect on ‘Pan African Affairs’ that have the potential to transform the growth and development of our immediate communities, nations and by extension the African continent.

According to the festival director, the platform will create for the networking of practitioners from all ages, walks of life, and sectors of societies.

“At KAN, development practitioners get an opportunity to inspire and be inspired, challenge one another and, in particular, take stock of what has transpired over a past significant period in their work, with the intent of ‘connecting the proverbial dots’ to suggest what path may be best, going forward,” he added.

The theme adopted for KAN 2020 is “Development and Developmentalism”, and with this theme comes a byline that is taken from an insight of the founding father of Tanzania, Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, who said ’maendeleo ni watu … si vitu’ – which loosely translates to “Development is in people, not things”.

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Weka maoni yako

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