Purported surgeon netted over bribery

THE Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) in Rukwa Region has arrested clinical officer at Matai Health Centre in Kalambo District, Eliud Joshua Humbo, for allegedly soliciting and receiving a 100,000/- bribe from a patient.

Masquerading as a surgeon, he conducted a purported operation on a hernia patient, who suffered severe injury.

The Rukwa Region PCCB boss, Mr Hamza Mwenda made the disclosures at a media briefing session in Sumbawanga, while presenting a report on the work of the anti-corruption watchdog during the period spanning October-December 2019/20.

“Earlier , the patient was diagnosed by a medical doctor at the Matai health facility centre and was discovered to be suffering from hernia and referred to Rukwa Region Hospital in Sumbawanga town.

“On the material day, after the patient was discharged from the health facility, and was on his way home for preparations to travel to Sumbawanga, he met the suspect, who convinced him that he was a well trained surgeon, could give him attend and he would recover soon.

“He solicited and received a sum of 100,000/- from the patient. It was further discovered that on that material day the suspect was not on duty at the facility.”

Mr Mwenda further explained that after the suspect had received the bribe, he went straight to the supervisor of the circumcision unit, who gave him the requisite surgical equipment, and he proceeded to operate on him.”

He explained further that complications subsequently arose, causing the patient severe pains, and in the course of narrating what had transpired from the beginning, the suspect was arrested and charged.

Mr Mwenda further explained that the patient was subsequently admitted to the Rukwa regional hospital and that his condition was improving.

NGARA District Commissioner (DC), Lt Col Michael ...

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