Why TCU deregistered three varsities, college

The Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) has revoked the registration of three universities and a constituent college for failure to improve the learning environment.

Speaking to reporters in Dar es Salaam on Tuesday morning, TCU Executive Secretary Prof Charles Kihampa named the deregistered higher learning institutions as Josiah Kibira University College (JOKUCo), Mount Meru University (MMU),  International Medical and Technological University (IMTU) and the University of Bagamoyo (UoB).

He said TCU had given the named institutions a grace period of up to three years but they failed to improve the learning climate.

He explained that it came to TCU’s attention that the said varsities lack enough staff and that some will never comprehend with the commission’s directives even if it was decided to grant them more time to rectify the shortcomings.

Based on such grounds, Prof Kihampa said the 89th, 91st and 97th meetings held in between August, 2019 and early this year concluded that TCU should take such decision against the named institutions for breaching its regulations.


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Mwandishi: Daily News Writer

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Weka maoni yako

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