Azam extends sports, entertainment coverage range

AZAM TV, the official broadcasters of the Mainland Premier League, on Friday launched a convenient App called Azam TV Max, which has been upgraded to suit the current technological world.

With the new app, subscribers can access variety of programmes ranging from sports, entertainment, news, movies/series as well as listening to the radio and watch live programs.

Speaking during the launching ceremony at Azam TV headquarters in Dar es Salaam, the firm’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Tido Mhando said with the new App, both subscribers and non-subscribers of Azam decoders are going to benefit a lot.

“We took enough time to do research to come up with something great in the East Africa Community to satisfy the needs of many people,” he said.

He added that the other unique factor about the modern App is that even Tanzanians, who live outside the country, will see it useful as they will be able to be abreast with various issues happening in their country.

Moreover, the CEO said customers who will get the new App will enjoy weekly and monthly payments to have the chance of watching the programmes.

On her part, Azam TV Commercial and Marketing Director, Sabrina Mohamedali said they decided to introduce the new system bearing in mind that Tanzanians are close to their mobile phones.

“Most people have smartphones which make them qualify to have access to this new App hence they can easily watch various content that Azam TV provide,” she said.

She added that the App has many live programmes of which people can watch regardless wherever they are such that they do not need to have a TV for them to watch their content.

According to her, subscribers can access the App via Google Play Store, Apple Store and Android.

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Weka maoni yako

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