Trace missing would be Form One students in school, DC orders

NGARA District Commissioner (DC), Lt Col Michael Mtenjele has directed Ward and Village Executive Officers (WEOs/VEOs), to closely make a follow up of a report that about 800 students, who were selected to join Form One, this year in the area have failed to do so for unspecified reasons.

Elaborating, he warned parents, who will be found hiding their children not to report for the Secondary School education that stern measures, including being taken to Court would be the next move. “We must make sure that all students selected to join Form One are in classes.

No student should miss an opportunity to attend school, because the government is spending a lot of money for their free education,” said the DC.

In a related development, he asked the residents to collectively fight against outdated laws, customs and practices, which force millions of women to lag behind in the society.

“We must come together to find a common ground, which will bring us close to realise that women and girls must be safe and free from any form of violence in the society.

“Gender based violence still remains a major health and human rights concern, and no human development can be achieved if women and girls continue to suffer from violence or live in fear,” said Lt Col Mtenjele.

Meanwhile, about 13 girls last year in Muleba District who were enrolled for the National Form Four examinations did not show up for the tests as a result of being pregnant.

Making the revelation here, Muleba District Education Officer (Secondary), Mr Gerald Muhile said that in general 42 girls failed to sit for the exams, with some as a result of being truants and sick.

“We are closely making a follow up, however, several suspects have been arrested by police in relation to the pregnancies,” he pointed out.

According to a survey carried out by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, more than 16,000 girls dropped out of school from 2008 to 2010 due to pregnancy-related cases.

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