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JPM makes new appointments to reinforce efficiency

PRESIDENT John Magufuli has appointed former Police Force Spokesperson and Commander of Tanzania Zambia Police Unit Assistant Commissioner of Police Advera Bulimba as new Nzega District Commissioner.

Before her new appointment, ACP Bulimba was commander of Tazara Police Force and is filling the vacancy left behind by Mr Godfrey William Ngupula.

The President also appointed Mr Solomon Isack Shati to be the Executive Director of Hanang District Council in Manyara Region.

Mr Shati was Planning Officer of Mpimbwe District Council in Katavi Region and is replacing Mr Bryceson Paul Kibasa. Meanwhile, President Magufuli yesterday appointed Mr Gabriel Pascal Malata as Solicitor General.

Before the appointment, Mr Malata was Deputy Solicitor Attorney General and is replacing Dr Julius Clement Mashamba.

The President also appointed Dr Boniface Luhende as Deputy Solicitor General. Before the appointment, Dr Luhende was a lecturer at the University of Dar es Salaam in the Department of Public Law and is replacing Mr Malata who has been promoted to the post of Solicitor General.

According to a statement issued by the Director of Presidential Communications, Mr Gerson Msigwa on Thursday, the President appointed the district commissioner and executive director.

At the same time, Minister of State in the President’s Office (Good Governance) Capt (ret) George Mkuchika through the powers bestowed on him by the President has appointed two district administrative secretaries (DAS).

Capt (Ret) Mkuchika appointed Mr Omary Mwanga to be DAS of Nachingwea District in Lindi Region, replacing Ms Husna Juma Sekiboko.

He also appointed Mr Saitoti Zelothe Stephen to be DAS of Mbeya District in Mbeya Region.

Before the appointment, Mr Stephen was Division Officer of Mbulu District in Manyara Region and is replacing Mr Hassan Mkwawa.


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