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Former CCM leaders, cadres give hints on success

CCM cadres and former leaders have said if the ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi wants to further speed up development and consolidate achievements recorded between 2015 and 2020 the party at district and regional levels must nominate competent candidates for Members of Parliament and Councilor posts.

This, apart from assuring the winning of the ruling party in the coming general election, would also guarantee effective improvement in services delivery and the implementation of 2020-2025 election manifesto.

The statements were issued by the former Prime Minister, Mr Cleopa Msuya during the National Congress of the ruling party, CCM held in Dodoma to endorse the name of their presidential candidate for Union government and Zanzibar.

“Apart from endorsing President Magufuli who is a really hard worker, we should also consider nominating competent candidates who will vie for the posts of Members of Parliament (MPs) and Councilors who would match with his (Magufuli) speed on bringing development,” he said.

On his part, former Prime Minister Mr Edward Lowassa, hailed Dr Magufuli for effective implementation of the election manifesto, asking him to maintain the spirit for the greater interest of the country.

“Right now, the country is doing well and with high speed, this is encouraging and I would like to urge Dr Magufuli to proceed with the same spirit and speed,” noted Mr Lowassa.

The former premiers were of the view that the level of development that Dr Magufuli has brought into the country is proof that he is capable of going further.

“We have seen major transformation in the country for the past five years, so far we are in a good position and I believe that better things are coming for the next five years,” he added.

Speaking, the retired president Mr Ali Hassan Mwinyi commended the achievements that have been recorded by the government for the past five years after President Magufuli formed the government in November 2015.

To mention a few flagship projects, Mr Mwinyi cited the construction of Julius Nyerere Hydro Power Project (JNHPP) and construction of Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) as the key items that show the commitment of the government on bringing development.

“We are the witnesses of what has been done, Tanzania will soon become the giant in terms of electricity power generation, this is because of the commitment of leaders we have,” said Mr Mwinyi.

With the light touch, the second phase President suggested that the presidential tenure of office for Dr Magufuli’s be extended for one more term after completion of his ten years in the office according to the constitution.

“We can think of adding him one more term as a sign of thanksgiving gesture for him for the good things he has done for the country,” he said.

However, on his quick response, Dr Magufuli also lightly but serious played down in a note that indicated he isn’t ready for the move.

Attending the National Congress meeting, the party veteran Gertrude Mongela thanked the government for empowering women, saying they have a crucial role to play for the country’s growth.

Mama Mongella who was also the President of the Pan-African Parliament and the Chairperson of the Fourth UN World Conference on Women in Beijing, reminded women in the country to participate in the development.

“We should work together with men, none of us should be left behind, but all those should go parallel with respecting rules and regulations of our party,” she said adding that she has been groomed by CCM.

Same note was also mentioned by the former Chairperson of CCM’s women wing Ms Sophia Simba who said they have been impressed by the government’s efforts on empowering women and improving social services delivery.

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