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Diamond commits to invest in music industry

BONGO Flava mega star Nasibu Abdul alias Diamond Platinumz said he would keep investing in the music and media industry to support President John Magufuli in creating more jobs for youth.

The popular Tanzanian musician, who has so far formed his own record label called WCB Wasafi as well as a media house with the same name, said he wanted to see his fellow youth benefit from their talents economically.

“When I had the idea of establishing the media house people did not understand me, but the whole idea was to give my fellow Tanzanians opportunity,” he said on Monday at a press conference.

The press conference was aimed at informing the public about the forthcoming night gala on Saturday this week for thanks giving to their fans for their support towards a newly introduced artiste under their record label, Zuhura Kopa, better known by her stage name as Zuchu.

This musician, songwriter and recording artist signed under WCB Wasafi Records label under Diamond Platinumz leadership.

In the recent days, Zuchu garnered more fame after performing at high profile events of President Magufuli, the latest one being the CCM’s events in capital city Dodoma hosted by the Head of State.

According to Diamond Platnumz, for Zuchu to have a chance performing at the President's events showed a big support to her.

Speaking at a press conference, Zuchu thanked her supporters and the WCB Record Label for bringing her up in the music career.

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