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Quality works insisted as COSOTA lands to Sports, Arts ministry

THE Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Information, Arts and Sports, Hassan Abbasi has called artists to improve the quality of their works so as to make them appeal local and global arenas.

In retrospect, Abbasi said the Ministry has decided to reduce film permit fee from 500,000/- to 50,000/- as a motivation for artists to improve the quality of their works.

He said that during a handover ceremony of the Copyright Society of Tanzania (COSOTA) from Prof Riziki Shemdoe on behalf of the Ministry of Industry and Trade to his ministry.

The function was held at Julius Nyerere International Convention Centre (JNICC) in Dar es Salaam, yesterday also attended by COSOTA officials and artists.

This move was first initiated by President John Magufuli who issued directives to transfer COSOTA to the Ministry for Information, Culture, Arts and Sports from the Ministry of Industry and Trade within a week from last Sunday. 

He made the directive over the weekend at the state house in Chamwino, Dodoma when addressing government leaders, artistes and the delegates of CCM Congress.

Following the orders, the Minister for Information, Culture, Arts and Sports Harrison Mwakyembe directed the ministry’s Permanent Secretary Abbasi; to immediately meet his counterparts from the Ministry of Industry and Trade for the documents exchange regarding COSOTA.

 “We should all be glad with President John Magufuli efforts as it was his order that we move COSOTA to the Ministry of Information. If it was not his directives, we would not have this ceremony today,” said Abbasi.

He further added that his office is committed to improve the artistic environment by looking at their challenges and seek solutions as artists have an important role in our society.

“Art is an essential ingredient of human life so artists should not be poor as art entertains and pays. To ensure that we achieve this goal, I will be meeting with the board and discuss issues at stake to ensure that they are all addressed.”

“I will hold a meeting with COSOTA management to give me the strategies they have in hand that will elevate the artist. Those strategies will make artistes famous and rich and not poor.”

Artists on their part have thanked the President for his decisions, as they believe this move will be an important pillar to the protection of their work.

A musician Jeremiah Masanja popularly known as Kala Jeremiah told 'Daily News'; “We are not worried about the safety of our works; this is a good start for COSOTA and BASATA to be under one umbrella. Many artists will now register their works and will be protected. This move will increase the quality of art and increase revenue.”

This move was crucial given that, 86 per cent of stakeholders in COSOTA were country’s artists as per registration records of 2019/20.






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