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Girls set to benefit from volleyball development programme

HOME Life Sports (HOLIS), has announced strategies that aim to promote and develop skills of the girls playing volleyball so as to make them quality players of the international level.

HOLIS Chairman Majaliwa Mayunga told the ‘Sunday News’ from Mwanza yesterday that in order to fulfill their dream, they are ready to work close with coaches who are ready to groom talented girls.

He added women have a naturally skilled to play volleyball, but they are left behind in the game due to lack of interest. That, according to him, made them to initiate a special programme which aims to promote girls who can create strong national teams of future.

“We have good news to sports and volleyball fraternity in Mwanza; we are ready to provide sports gear and sponsorships for coaches who are willing to construct centres which will train girls in our region. “We target to establish centres at Nyakato in Buzuruga suburb in Mwanza,” he said.

Mayunga added that HOLIS will provide all training facilities that include net, balls, sports shoes and training jersey to the centre.

“It is a time to restore volleyball glory and put Mwanza into a limelight, we welcome those wishing to be part of this setup,” he added.

Reacting to the news, a youth team coach working in Mtwara lauded HOLIS for introducing a worthy project to the Tanzanian youths.

He said: “Well done HOLIS, this is indeed good news, Mwanza is doing a great job.”

Adding, he said Tanzania sports environment is different to countries like Kenya, Rwanda, Senegal, Cameroon, Egypt, Brazil, USA and even Italy, so as sports policy also don’t match at all so it is better to do what suits the Tanzanians.

Kaserwa stressed that only unity will do better for the game as teaching youth is ideal to any sports development destiny.

HOLIS have four youth centres in Mwanza and they also organise the Mirjam East Africa Volleyball Championship.

But the annual regional level event draws top teams from East African Community (EAC) and this year’s event was due to be held at Mirongo Sports Centre in Mwanza City from June 24th to 27th June this year,before it was cancelled due to coronavirus scare.

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