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New project set to boost efficiency in teaching

NOT always classroom lectures are effective especially when students are made passive listeners.

Traditional lectures, often long and monotonous, get students bored, tired, and impatient. And that’s a big problem because a traditional lecture remains one of the most common teaching methods for professors from all over the world.

There are studies which show that most students get bored and distracted after about 15 minutes. They suggest alternative methods of instruction. In efforts to deal with the problem and make lectures more effective, experts in education have introduced a teaching project that will help lecturers do their work better.

The title of the Project is ‘ROOT- Road Maps for Outstanding Educators,’ which is designed to support the best delivery of learning and teaching in Education Institutions. The programme is tailored to ensure the effective transfer of knowledge and implementation of the newly learned attitudes, skills and or knowledge from training sessions to real life.

According to a ‘Programme Specialist and Lead Trainer of the project,’ Seleman Abdallah the project also promotes active deep learners experience which is the essential for leaving sustainable impact for learners and inspires a positive transformation in mind-sets, behaviours as well as transforming learning into performance.

He said that the ‘ROOT- Road Maps for Outstanding Educators,’ is a Global Initiative by NAMA Foundation of Malaysia which is conducted by NICE Tanzania.

NICE is the NAMA Integrated Centre for Excellence based in Dar es Salaam with dedicated Trainers trained inside and Abroad to support the best Capacity Building Programme in the Area of Education Development and Community Organization Development.

Abdallah said the ‘ROOTS Programme’ is one of the best certified international programme for the best support in the teaching and Learning in all levels of Education. It has a framework which proposes that the role of an educator which is not transmission of knowledge only but also facilitating the learning, which will result in an effective learner experience.

At the launch of the programme along with a workshop for the lecturers on it, he said the target group for this tailored ROOT Programme are the ‘Educators and Education Facilitators at all levels.’ It was the first time the programme to be delivered in Zanzibar Island and NICE Tanzania has started with the senior group of Education Institution -Zanzibar University (ZU).

“Zanzibar University being the first High learning Institution; we believe the Impact can grow from there to their teachers and students,” he said.

At the event held at the ZU’s learning centre, Mpendae area, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the NAMA Foundation, Mr Mfaume Mtarachapa Juma asked the senior lecturers to take the project serious as it is the best way universities can improve teaching skills.

“The sustainability of the programme is based on the Transfer of knowledge and sharing the impact as they believe Higher Learning Institution like Zanzibar University can impact many.”

He says NICE Tanzania has already consulted the Isles Minister for Education and Vocational Training which has promised to work out proposal to reach the State University of Zanzibar (SUZA), and another private University of SUMEIT for creating the most impact on Zanzibar Education System.

The Project/programme will continue with the coaching and continuous mentoring by the team of trained ‘ROOTS Facilitators under NICE Tanzania until the demonstrated impact is created in Zanzibar University and Zanzibar.

The officers are encouraging various stakeholders to join hand to push to maximize the best of this programme with the Consultation of NICE Tanzania. For Zanzibar University initial programme (wave 1) is fully funded by NAMA Foundation of Malaysia.

A senior lecturer from the Zanzibar University, Rukaiya Wakif Mohamed- welcomed the project saying it would help them improve teaching skills. Another lecturer Dr Khatib Makame Omar expressed hope that the project would help to improve his work.

“I have taught for about 35 year, but still need to improve my teaching skills.” Another senior lecturer, Dr Salama Yussuf said the project from NAMA foundation was timely as they need to do the best for their students.

The main focus of this programme is to change the learning environment from teacher centred to the students centred as it is focused to follow the framework that helps educators to bridge the theory into practice.

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