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Trio picks Union presidential forms

THREE candidates turned up at the National Electoral Commission (NEC) in Dodoma yesterday to pick nomination forms for the Union presidency.

The candidates are from the National Reconstruction Alliance (NRA), Alliance for African Farmers Party (AAFP) and the Democratic Party (DP).

NRA has endorsed Leopard Mahona for the presidency and Khamis Hassan as his running mate. 

AAFP has fronted Mr Seif Maalim Seif and Rashid Rai as its presidential flag bearer and running mate respectively, while DP has endorsed Phillip Fumbo and Zaina Khamis as running mate.

NEC announced 20-days effective yesterday, for candidates from registered political parties to pick and return the presidential nomination forms.

NEC Director Dr Wilson Mahera explained that each candidate will be given four sets of Form 8A for presidential nomination and ten copies to be signed by at least 200 guarantors each from ten different regions, two regions being from Zanzibar.

“This means we expect each form to be sponsored by at least 200 eligible voters. This is an equivalent of 2000 supporters,” he said.

The candidates have been given until August 25th this year, to return the duly filled nomination forms or else lose the right to be voted.

Additionally, NEC supplied copies of 2020 election ethics to guide candidates before, during and after the planned October General Election.

“We expect that all political parties and their leaders, the commission and the government will observe and uphold the election ethics for a free, just and peaceful election,” he added.

The parties’ flag bearers are further required to have a judge's notary. NEC said it had communicated with the Chief Justice to facilitate the process.

NEC's Chairman Judge (retired) Semistocles Kaijage said the commission had prepared a booklet containing additional requirements and guidance to all candidates and their political parties.

Mr Seif, AAFP presidential hopeful said he is bringing new revolutions that the public has been waiting on social, political and economic. He promised to maintain a clean political campaign when nominated.

“We have nothing much to say and today (yesterday) we have just been given nomination documents as part of the process. DP plans to make wonders during this election,” said DP presidential hopeful Mr Fumbo.

Mr Mahona, on his part, requested a fairground to all political parties to facilitate free, fair, transparent and credible elections.

Meanwhile, NEC made slight changes in this year's general election procedures, providing for three days prior to the appointment of candidates, to submit their documents before the commission for verification.

NEC requested all political parties to make a cash deposit of 1m/- as security in which it will only be refunded after a candidate attains at least one-tenth of all total valid vote count.

Meanwhile, the Alliance for Change and Transparency (ACT- W azalendo) yesterday announced Bernard Membe as its Presidential candidate for the coming general election set for October 28th this year.

Equally, party’s National Chairman Maalim Seif Sharif Hamad was declared the Z anzibar Presidential candidate.

Mr Membe was declared the candidate after he received 410 votes out of 420 total votes, while Mr Hamad was voted by 419 out of 420 attending party members.

The nomination of the duos was held during the party’s national congress held at the Diamond Jubilee Hall in Dar es Salaam.

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