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After Dar, Malya Sports to open campus in Dodoma

THE government has announced plans to establish campus of Malya College of Sports Development (MCSD)  in Dodoma after almost  two months plans to have first campus outside Mwanza in Dar es Salaam.

The Permanent Secretary Ministry of Information, Culture, Arts and Sports and the Chief Government Spokesperson Dr Hassan Abbasi unveiled yesterday in Dodoma during a special interview on the success of the fifth phase government with one of the capital city’s FM stations. 

Dr  Abbasi  disclosed   that  the  aim  of  establishing  the  two  campuses  in  the  capital and  commercial  cities is to promote sports  and provide opportunities for young people to acquire quality sports skills.  

He further added that  the college’s Advisory board has approved the resolution to establish the two campuses in the named cities. 

Apart  from that  he  said  the government has continued to improve infrastructure of the college which  is  located in Mwanza region and  for this  fiscal year the college has been allocated funds to increase  a number of  hostels, classrooms, and training grounds.

Moreover Abbasi enlightened that the government has put in place a system that manages the sports sector well including the National Sports Council (NSC) in collaboration with various affiliated sports federations and association.

“The fifth phase government  has as  well  succeeded in increasing motivation of  citizens in participation in  sports activities   with the aim of building a  healthy nation.

He also mentioned that the government has continued to improve the infrastructure of the Uhuru stadium which has now been renamed Benjamin Mkapa Stadium to honour the former President, Benjamin William Mkapa.

MCSD was established in 1979 as the government owned educational institution and since then the college started offering certificate courses in sports coaching education to cater for the shortage of coaches and sports practitioners in district councils and educational institutions in the country.

The college assumes its responsibilities as a government institution with its Advisory Board, which oversees the operations of the college under the auspice of Ministry of Information Culture Arts and Sports.

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