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Malya graduates told to use skills in promoting sports

GRADUATES from Malya Sports Development college in Kwimba District have been told to use the sports education, training and skills they have received  to promote and develop sports in their workplaces and in the country generally.

Speaking at the ninth graduation of the college, Mwanza regional Education Officer, Martin Nkwabi said graduates who got the opportunity to develop themselves academically in sports matters should know that they are highly relied upon by the nation in contributing to the development of sports.

Nkwabi also commended the entire college management as well as the lecturers who are dedicated to teach and ensure that students who graduate are competent.

He urged the leadership of the college to increase more efforts in teaching, a situation that will help the transparency and adequate availability of students who want to join their college.

Malya college principal, Richard Mganga said during the graduation ceremony that they have broken the record due to having a large number of graduates compared to the previous years.

He said they hope to focus more on increasing competence by offering short courses to add professionals as the college is now hoping to introduce a certificate education curriculum for students completing ordinary level education.

A total of 135 students of various courses at the college graduated; there were 105 men and 30 women from the courses of a diploma in physical education, a diploma in sports coaching and a diploma in leadership and sports administration.

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