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JKT surge close to RBA League semis

JKT are left with one more game to secure a place in the Regional Basketball League (RBA) semifinals, though their opponent Ukonga Kings have a chance to put a barrier on them if they register a win today at Kurasini Harbours court in Dar es Salaam.

It will be a tight contest for the two teams, as JKT lead the Ukonga 2-0 and currently have momentum on their side.

In the first encounter JKT picked an 85 – 65 victory last Wednesday two days after posting a 68-60 victory, both games staged in the same venue.

There was a lot of improvement in Game two, Ukonga showed a lot of quality and determination compared to their first encounter with the servicemen.

It was so close for them to make a comeback but was not successful. In case, Ukonga put more force in today’s game then they will probably revive their hopes to seal a place in the semis.

If Ukonga win, the teams will have to go for a fourth play-off but if JKT win, they will gallantly match to the semis.

Later today after a match between JKT and Ukonga Kings, Army Basketball Club (ABC) and Vijana City Bulls (VBC) will meet for the Game Three at the same court.

This contest will surely be thrilling as both teams have secured a win. In the first encounter it was in favour of Vijana as they pocketed an 81 – 71 victory, while in the second game, ABC registered 81 - 71 victory.

Other quarterfinals teams include Kurasini Heat, Savio, Pazi and Oilers. Kurasini Heat won 58-51 in their first game against Savio while Oilers stamped a 80 – 70 victory over Pazio at the same venue.

Apart from the eight men’s teams playing at the quarter’s playoff, there are four women teams that will play their semifinals from Thursday next week.

The teams which have sealed to the semis are; JKT Stars, Ukonga Queens, DB Lioness and Vijana Queens. Prior to sealing their places in the semis, JKT were commanding the log with 12 points after winning all six games they played.

Ukonga were positioned second with 10 points followed by DB Lioness who had 10 as well, and at the fourth place were the last year’s champions, Vijana Queens, who finished with 9 points.

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