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KMC coach: Ball boys fuelled our loss

AFTER tasting the sour side of the Premier League, KMC coach Habib Kondo has blamed ball boys for deliberately wasting time by delaying to bring back the ball into the pitch.

The Kinondoni based club surrendered all three points from win-hungry Kagera Sugar on Friday at Kaitaba Stadium as the latter stamped their first victory after winless in their three past matches.

Kagera Sugar striker Yusuph Mhilu, provided the bitter pill to the visitors which was hard to swallow until the end of the game hence enabling Kagera to claim the much needed triumph.

But, at a post-match briefing, Kondo said their defeat was highly contributed by the behavior of the ball boys who deliberately delayed to bring back the ball into the pitch when out of play.

“The Tanzania Premier League Board (TPLB) should look into this matter seriously because instead of playing for 90 minutes, we played 60 minutes following the delays by the ball boys. This system is an old school since we used to do it long time ago but now, let people play football without doing anything to deprive them from showcasing their potential,” he said.

Kondo added that even Kagera Sugar goalkeeper was employing time wasting tactics by going down frequently without any clear reason a thing he said should highly be taken into consideration by the concerned authorities.

He also disclosed that lack of alertness by his players gave freedom to the hosts to punish them with the solitary goal while insisting that for now, they just need to focus on their next match to do well and get back on the track.

On his part, Kagera Sugar trainer Mecky Mexime lauded his boys saying he always has a big trust in them such that they just need to win back to back matches to be on the right path.

“I have a good team only that we did not stamp any victory until today (Friday) that is why the going was tough for us but for now, if we will be able to win consecutively, then confidence among my boys will come back,” said the coach.

Quizzed about the delaying tactics from the ball boys, Mexime replied that he did not see anything of that nature as he was busy watching the flow of the game.

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