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Mwinyi pledges high level of accountability

ZANZIBAR presidential candidate on CCM ticket Dr Hussein Ali Mwinyi has pledged high level of discipline and accountability in public services, if elected on October 28th this year.

“I will stand firm against laziness and embezzlement of public resources,” Dr Mwinyi vowed at a well-attended campaign rally at Gando constituency in North Pemba region's Wete District on Sunday.

The presidential hopeful said he envisages forming the government that will never tolerate unaccountable officers, describing unaccountability as an impediment to attainment of the envisioned social and economic development.

“If you elect me, besides other great things that I will do for the country, accountability will be my top priority...and I will hold accountable any public servant failing to perform their duties as prescribed,” pledged the presidency seeker.

He further promised to invest massively in improvement of road infrastructure to support other economic activities in the islands, citing 21-kilometre Chake Chake-Wete and 8.8-kilometre Finya-Kicha roads as his priority in Pemba.

The 9-kilometre internal roads within Wete town will also be attended to, said the presidential hopeful.

He argued that if Zanzibar has to register enviable development in tourism, industrial and fishing sectors, it has to put in place modern roads in the entire Unguja and Pemba.

Dr Mwinyi praised President Ali Mohamed Shein for outstanding execution of the 2015-2020 CCM election manifesto and pleaded with Zanzibaris to give him an opportunity to take over on the implementation of 2020-2025 election document.

“We are all witnesses to the exemplary work by Dr Shein, he has implemented the party's 2015-2020 election manifesto by 100 per cent...he has touched almost every sector, I will follow his footsteps if you elect me,” said Dr Mwinyi.

He reiterated his commitment to deal with violence against women and children as well as drug abuses, the problems he described as rampant in Unguja and Pemba.

Dr Mwinyi campaigned for all CCM candidates, including the union presidential contender Dr John Magufuli, saying CCM was the only party that stands for the interest of all people, including the weak.

CCM Vice-Chairman, Zanzibar, Dr Shein touted the election of Dr Mwinyi, describing him as the lone candidate capable of protecting, defending and amplifying the January 12, 1964 revolutions and preserving the 1964 Tanganyika and Zanzibar union.

“When October 28, 2020 comes, ensure that you don't make mistakes, go to the polling centres and vote for all CCM candidates, including Dr (John) Magufuli,” Dr Shein implored the jubilant crowd.

He said the ruling party has fielded a hardworking and visionary leader as the next Zanzibar president.

Speaking at a campaign rally at Gando, Dr Shein described the youthful candidate as a highly disciplined, hard-working and caring individual.

CCM Deputy Secretary General, Zanzibar, Dr Abdallah Juma Sadalla assured that the ruling party victory is inevitable, thanks to superb implementation of the 2015/2020 election manifesto.

Inspector General of Police (IGP) Simon Sirro has ...

Mwandishi: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Pemba

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