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‘Civilised campaigns, please’

CCM Presidential Candidate Dr John Magufuli has requested his party members to embrace ethical and civilised campaigns and refrain from acts that could plunge the country into violence.

The ruling party aspirant, who seeks re-election in the much-anticipated October 28 General Elections, made the request on Tuesday in Makambako, Njombe region, during a campaign rally --expressing sadness over recent brutal killing of the party’s cadre, Emmanuel Mlelwa.

President Magufuli asserted that Mlelwa who was CCM’s youth leader for Universities was killed because of his love and commitment to his party.

He directed the Police Force to fast track investigations into the grisly incident and ensure that all people involved are brought to book and face full wrath of law.

“The culprits must be arrested and brought to book as soon as possible,” he ordered.

He directed all CCM members to remain calm and avoid any kind of violence during the ongoing election campaigns.

“We must avoid indecent language against others, let us remain calm and tell wananchi about CCM’s policies that basically aim at bringing them development,” he noted.

Dr Magufuli added: “I am glad to see people who are affiliated to Chadema, NCCR-Mageuzi, CUF, ACT-Wazalendo and even those who do not belong to any political party here, this is the kind of politics and Tanzania I want.”

On Sunday, the party’s Ideology and Publicity Secretary, Mr Polepole also asked the police to speed up the cadre’s death investigation.

He said the party is aware that Mlelwa was phoned for a meeting by some people who later kidnapped him.

He added that he was later found dead at Kibena, Bwawani in Njombe Region.

“The ruling party is asking the police to speed up the probe on this matter. We are aware that some people have been arrested, but we want to see more severe actions being taken so that these kinds of brutal killings could stop once and for all,” he noted.

He said the ruling party is not ready to take laws in its hands since it believes in true democracy, rule of law and regulations.

Mr Polepole said, however, there is a need for the Police to take immediate measures by investigating and revealing all the truth so that the public could be aware of the dirty games that are orchestrated by some uncivilised politicians.

He added that in Songwe Region, some CCM’s councillors who crossed from Chadema had their crops uprooted and destroyed.

“Today we say enough is enough, these actions must stop,” he noted.

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    is Daily News CCM paper? Why not give equitable coverage to opposition parties? What does NEC say about this? Be fair to all

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