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Caravans outsmart DCC in T20 tournament

CARAVANS hit Dar es Salaam Cricket Club (DCC) by eight wickets to lead group B in the DC Caravans T20 tournament.

DCC won the toss and batted first to score 69 runs before the champions took over the lead with 73 runs in 20 overs.

Caravans have so far pocketed six points, thus collecting an average of 2.47 net run rate in their three matches they played.

Apart from DCC, they also beat Annadil Burhani and Strikers in their previous matches. They beat Annadil Burhani by 36. In their inning, they scored 145 runs against 109 runs of their opponents.

They also whipped Strikers by 11 runs after scoring 164 runs in their inning against 153 runs of their opponents. Gymkhana Club are second of group B in the standing with four points, after playing under 1.82 net run rate.

To claim the second spot, Gymkhana beat Strikers by 11 runs at Dar es Salaam Leaders Club. They won the toss and elected to bat first, pocketing 148/5 in 20 overs.

Their opponent could not make a successful chase, losing eight wickets in 137/ 20 overs. Before playing Strikers, Gymkhana Club initially beat DCC by 62 runs.

Strikers are third placed with two points alongside Annadil Burhani. DCC is at the bottom without a point after losing all their matches.

Aga Khan Sports Club lead group A after collecting four points followed by Aces who have played once to earn two points. General Petroleum are third after winning once as Union Sports Club are at the bottom.

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