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Participate in investment, PM tells Iringa residents

PRIME Minister Kassim Majaliwa has tasked all civil servants to fully participate in promoting various investment opportunities available in their respective regions.

He issued the directives as he launched the Iringa Regional investment guide at Mkwawa University grounds in Iringa on Saturday; saying “this is in pursuit of promoting and advocating industrialisation for economic transformation and sustainable development across all regions in the country”.

“I do not expect to witness investors facing hurdles in implementing their projects in all sectors and regions…every civil servant will be held responsible in their respective duties, and we do not expect any form of bureaucracy,” he sternly emphasised.

The Premier also urged all investors, citizens and businesspeople to properly utilise the opportunity provided to them, including having needed information at hand on available investment opportunities.  

He noted that the government is continuing with efforts to provide a conducive environment for investment that will attract investors; as well as strengthen management of civil servants who are involved in serving the investors.

Premier Majaliwa commended all who contributed in completing the investment guide which is also available on the website.

He said that doors are open for investors to invest in Iringa Region since it is a right investment destination with sufficient land, water, manpower and good transport infrastructure.

Iringa Regional Commissioner (RC), Ally Hapi said the launch of the guide is laying the foundation on a great second step of building the economy of the region by attracting investors and creating plenty of employment opportunities to the youth.

“Attracting investors is very important; but it is even more important to direct efforts on ensuring the attracted investors actually invest in the country, and this is our focus,” he noted.

To achieve this goal, a special department equipped with capable professionals dubbed ‘Regional Investment Facilitation office’ has been created, and so far it has been successful in servicing over 50 large scale investors, he noted.

Land, Housing and Human Settlements Development Minister, Mr William Lukuvi said that the launch of the guide provides a great opportunity for investors to get investment information with the aim of attracting them to exploit investment potentials.

“Iringa has set aside over 38.2 hectors of land for the purpose of various investment ventures,” he stated as he commended the respective authorities for the move.

He asserted that in easing the access of acquiring land in the region, the ministry has opened an office in Iringa so that people can no longer have to go to Mbeya to document land ownership.

“I urge all the respective authorities managing land, especially in the councils to do away with bureaucracy in land ownership processes regardless the type of ownership,” he stressed.

On the other hand, the Minister of State in the President's Office (Investment), Prof Kitila Mkumbo said that they are well prepared in ensuring awareness is created to local and foreign investors on the identified investment opportunities surrounding the region.

“I urge investors to be well prepared, especially in two areas, of being able to compete in the international market, as well as understand and adhere to the investment environment provided in the country,” he mentioned.

On behalf of the Economic and Social Research Foundation (ESRF) Director, Dr Daniel Ngowi said that the foundation has been preparing such guidelines for every region in the country where it has already completed 25 guidelines, and remaining with one.

He explained that the guidelines will help a lot in large national investments, especially that of the entire country.

“Iringa has plenty of investment opportunities, including tourism, mining, livestock keeping, agriculture and industry; and if such investments are properly utilised, surely Iringa will be an industrialised region,” he assured.

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