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We must change our mentality on how to do business, be tidy

WORK can be defined as any legal activity that earns a person a living. The Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania provides that work alone creates the material wealth in society, and is the source of the well-being of the people and the measure of human dignity.

That is why society regards persons who don’t like to work as idlers who like to exploit others. Work is linked to development because it is through work that citizens pay tax, which in turn is used by the government to invest in development projects and provide social services.

So, work is linked to human dignity and to life itself because it is through work that we produce food for ourselves and sell the surplus to earn money. If we look around our streets, centres, towns and cities we find that many people are doing business of one kind or another.

There are people who have shops and others, especially vendors, don’t have permanent workstations because their business depends on whether a place has many people or not. So, they tend to arrange their goods along busy roads, markets, near or at railway stations, bus stations and ports, but also near prayer houses, hospitals and schools.

Wherever you pass you will find some people selling or buying things. All this is good because it shows that people like to work and maintain their families, including sending their children to school. Many young people and women are engaged in one business or another – such as selling food, fruits and vegetables, second-hand clothes and others are doing carpentry, running bars and so on.

Most of the business activities, however, are conducted in a filthy environment, the reason being that some people think there are always customers who will buy things. This mentality hardly makes a person innovative in doing one’s business. That is why we think there is a need to change our mentality and improve the way we run our businesses to make them more productive and sustainable. It is not expensive at all to sell goods or do business in a clean environment.

This is our appeal to fellow Tanzanians that whatever business you plan to start or you are doing make sure you do it well, including making sure the place you are running your business is tidy to attract customers. We shouldn’t think there will always be customers for this mentality kills creativity and innovation. So, let us improve our way of doing business, including making clean the workstation.

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