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Let’s heed JPM call to fight against Covid-19

LAST Sunday President John Magufuli appealed to Tanzanians to continue heeding recommendations from health experts as one of the ways that could help fight against coronavirus.

The Head of the State said this while delivering a statement during Sunday Holy Mass celebrated at St Peter’s Catholic Church in Dar es Salaam.

He also insisted on the use of locally made facemasks as well as herbal remedies for self-care and medication.

According to him, we need to pray to God in the first place so that all efforts made in the war on Covid-19 become successful.

Dr Magufuli’s statement has showed the right direction for which Tanzanians and the nation at large should take to contain the deadly pandemic.

It is a strong call for all Tanzanians that we become responsible by taking precautions to protect ourselves first and then protect those around us.

Last year, Tanzanians and the nation emerged victorious in the fight against the first wave of coronavirus after following and observing seriously the directives issued by the government.

The efforts made in the fight against Covid-19 showed how faith and works complement each other as preached by the two big religions of Christianity and Islam.

For example, in Islam faith is founded in strong belief in God with constant practice and discernible actions. Submitting to God means that Muslims follow a middle path in all things, do not go to extremes and salvation depends on having the correct belief and doing good works.

For Christianity, faith and works complement each other so much so that faith that excludes good works is dead. This is not a person’s doing, but the gift from God and not a result of works, so that no one may boast.

The combination of both faith and works are strong weapons used by Tanzania to fight against the spread of Covid-19 in society.

It is the bare truth that during the war some soldiers become victims by sustaining wounds and while others die. So, in the fight against Covid-19 we need to remain firm so that we win together.

To date, there is no universal way of fighting against the pandemic as some of the techniques applied by many countries in their attempt to contain the spread of coronavirus have not been all that successfully.

It is high time that we joined government efforts by taking responsibility and protecting others in the fight against the deadly virus. It is through this that we may become victorious.

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