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 ZAECA, PCCB ties crucial, says Mwinyi

PRESIDENT Hussein Ali Mwinyi has emphasised on the need for strengthening of collaboration between Zanzibar Anti-Corruption and Economic Corruption Authority (ZAECA) and the Prevention and Combating of Corruption (PCCB) in order to win the war against graft in the country.

Mwinyi made the observation here at the State House during his talks with the PCCB Director General John Mbungo over the weekend, saying the partnership remains important, considering the fact that PCCB has enough experience compared to ZAECA.

The president said that his government intends to reform the Isles anti-corruption bureau along with capacity building for the ZAECA staff so that they can improve their operations, especially on investigation aspect.

He said that PCCB is in a better position to help improve ZAECA, thanking Mr Mbungo for opening or extending the hand of collaborations with Zanzibar, stressing on the importance for ZAECA to have a structure similar to that of the PCCB, including operating at Regional and District levels.

Dr Mwinyi thanked PCCB for their willingness to assist ZAECA, saying both anti-corruption bureaus are important in ensuring corruption is controlled in the country. "If we show commitment, it is possible to minimise or end corruption."

Brigadier General Mbungo who was appointed in May 2020 was in Zanzibar on a familiarisation tour and strengthening of relations with their colleagues (ZAECA).

"We have been cooperating well with ZAECA in various aspects, including in professional training. PCCB was established in 1975 while ZAECA was born in 2013."

Mr Mbungo said PCCB is the first anti-corruption bureau to be established in Africa, so it has a lot of experience in running its operations, and that it has also been actively participating in various international forums.

"We have been going on well in our work, and collaboration is important as both PCCB and ZAECA are members of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Anti-Corruption."

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