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Lugalo’s Samwel sparkles at Dar Caddies golf

BARAKA Samweli from Tanzania People’s Defense Forces (TPDF) Lugalo golf Club was unstoppable when he grossed 76 strokes to emerge the overall winner of the Dar Caddy Special golf tournament.

The 18-hole stroke play event was held at the Dar es Salaam Gymkhana Club (DGC) on Friday and was organised by Dar es Salaam Caddies.

The one-day tournament brought together over 60 caddies from Lugalo and Dar Gymkhana Clubs. Lugalo Club dominated the event as its player Gilbert Amani also claimed the net prize after returning five-under par 66 strokes.

Also from Lugalo was Hamisi Hassani who claimed the runner-up prize after sinking three shots inferior to Amani in net category.

He, however he had to rely on count-back to beat Haji Myoba who also returned the same 69 strokes. Myoba had to settle for the third prize.

Hosts Dar Gymkhana would not let Lugalo claim all thrones after stealing a show in the ladies category. It was Zanura Mohamed who won the Ladies top prize after netting 72 strokes beating her runner up Habiba Sanze, who netted 74 strokes by two strokes.

The tournament was an initiative of DGC caddies aimed at sharpening their skills, health well-being and also harmonising friendship between the two clubs’ caddies. One of the organisers, Myoba said that they were pleased to receive a good response from Lugalo club.

“We are delighted to see the event went well and was a successful one, we also thank the club for allowing us to have such an event,” he said.

Myoba added they have organised the event on their own small contribution from caddies. He said that it just started as they planned to organise such an event every month to promote caddies and game in general, but he stressed that is not going to be easy without support.

“We managed to organise the event from caddie’s contribution, I would like to use this opportunity to appeal for sponsors and sports well-wishers to come forward and assist us,” he said.

Myoba explained that the door is still open for those who want to assist them stage a successful event next month as they are really looking for the support for the sustainability of the event.

Ladies winner, Zanura was happy to win the event saying she was well prepared for that and she thanked those who facilitated it at time like this when the coronavirus threat has forced a suspension of many tournaments. Caddies are always hoping for the national teams so it is worth it to support their efforts for individual and the country’s benefit.

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