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Thomas Tuchel has a score to settle with Manchester United

Ahead of Chelsea's Champions League clash with Atletico Madrid last week, Thomas Tuchel sat down to speak with Rio Ferdinand.

Before the BT Sport pundit could get in his first question the German head coach flashed a tongue-in-cheek warning to the former defender.

'If you have the same impact on my Champions League result like last time, I'll switch to Owen Hargreaves.' For while there was a considerable last-16 clash ahead, the memory of another was still there, gnawing away at the 47-year-old.

The ghosts of Paris Saint-Germain's shock exit in 2019 at the hands of Manchester United have yet to be put to bed, and how Tuchel would love to leave the past behind.

But in moving to the Premier League and taking charge at Stamford Bridge he has inadvertently sought to face them head on.

After sealing the most important victory of his west London reign midweek thanks to a flawless defensive display against the Spanish league leaders, a statement victory on the domestic front is next on the tick list.

No victory would be sweeter than one over Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's side. There is no doubting the German knows how to beat United. Indeed, he did it twice with PSG, both times at Old Trafford.

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