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TCRA enacts sub-regulations in response to concerns raised by service users

TANZANIA Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) has enacted sub-regulations that focus on addressing concerns of service users and to increase efficiency of the telecom industry.

The establishment of the sub-regulations comes in response to the opinions and suggestions gathered from 3,278 communication consumers, stakeholders, service providers and the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

Briefing reporters on Tuesday in Dar es Salaam, TCRA Director- General James Kilaba said the implementation of the said regulations will officially start on April 2 while reiterating that they will continue to respond to customers’ complaints so that service providers could improve services to all citizens.

He said among the guidelines contained in the sub-regulations include that which states that service providers will not offer service packages without the approval of TCRA.

Also service providers will be required to use simple language with clear terms and conditions regarding the packages provided.

Eng Kilaba further said that packages provided to the consumers will not be removed, adjusted or changed within three months after approval.

He added that service providers will provide an opportunity for the user of communication services to select and subscribe to unlimited packages that will be available in the main menu and will use the same name for these packages to be easily identified.

He explained that the service provider will establish a mechanism to enable the subscriber of any package to continue to use the time or units of the package that will remain within the specified time frame by repurchasing the same package before its expiration date.

The service providers will not make more than three promotions or three special offers at the same time via voice, SMS and data services, he said.

“We have been taking various measures aiming at ensuring that the needs of all stakeholders (government, service providers and consumers are met through relevant services),” he said.

TCRA has been taking various steps involving service providers to lower the prices of basic tariffs, which are prices outside of packages.

He said after evaluation from 2018 to February 2021, the average prices of a call without subscribing have ranged from 290.27/- per minute to 70.81/- per minute, equivalent to a 76 per cent discount.

Average prices for calls from one network to another without subscribing to the package also dropped from 387.55/- per minute to 71.99/- per minute equivalent to 81 per cent and the prices for SMS dropped from TZS 64.12 to 22.23/- per (SMS) equivalent to 65 per cent.

Through these efforts, TCRA aims to ensure the availability of effective quality services based on the monetary value of payments made by consumers.

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