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Tanesco directed to repair electric machines

MINISTER for Energy Dr Medard Kalemani has ordered Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited (TANESCO) to all electrical generation machinery within 10 days avoid power rationing in the country.

He said the rehabilitation shouldn’t take more than 10 days and that there should be special arrangement of repairing each machine at a time to avoid power cut.

He was speaking shortly after inspecting the Kidatu hydroelectric power station in Morogoro Region.

“I am giving a general order, apart from having some challenges, there must be no power rationing anywhere in the country; all technical problems must be attended to as scheduled,” he said.

“I order all Tanesco managers across the country to undertake the exercise within 10 days, and this should not affect power supply to the public.”

He added: “I will soon meet the Tanesco’s Board of Directors to discuss this matter, but so far there must be no power rationing.”

The minister warned that stern measures will be taken against any manager whose area will experience power rationing.

Meanwhile, the minister directed Tanesco Managing Director Dr Tito Mwinuka to take serious measures against two Tanesco’s procurement officers and the Manager who supervise power generation at Kidatu station after he found power generator number two not functioning since September last year.

“We have a problem here, some procurement officers have been in the process to procure spare parts since September last year! This is a problem,” he noted.

THE Court of Appeal has ordered the ...

Mwandishi: JOHN NDITI in Morogoro

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