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Let’s hope for new prospects even as we’re still mourning

TANZANIANS and all well-wishers across the world are mourning the loss of the fifth phase President, Dr John Magufuli. Condolences from different leaders and people and countries are still pouring in.

On Saturday the nation started paying last respects to the iconic African son and leader at Uhuru Stadium in Dar es Salaam and will be so in other selected regions during the week after which his body will be transported to his hometown, Chato, Geita Region, where he will be laid to rest. It is the first time on Mainland Tanzania for a President to die while he is still serving.

So, apart from mourning Tanzanians are asking why it has happened this way. We don’t have an answer for this, but we believe that death is not the end of everything, but the beginning of new life, new commitments, new prospects and the new future for that matter.

As President of the United Republic of Tanzania, Dr Magufuli has left us many lessons. His presidency has brought about many changes in the country and he had promised to continue serving us so that we develop more and more until Tanzania becomes a developed and donor nation.

In light of this, Dr Magufuli had long-term prospects for Tanzania and Tanzanians, particularly the marginalised. While we are still mourning, we are also comforted in the sense that the then Vice-President Samia Suluhu Hassan was sworn in as President of the United Republic of Tanzania in Dar es Salaam on Friday.

We are comforted because during his life as President, Dr Magufuli spoke highly of Ms Samia Sululu Hassan, first when he appointed her as Vice-President in 2015 and then after his second victory in 2020 he re-appointed her basing on her performance in her capacity.

Therefore, we are very confident that Tanzania still remains in safe hands and because Dr Magufuli trusted women leaders, we too continue trusting that President Samia Suluhu Hassan will take us to the next level of development. We are hopeful that other women will take a leaf from Mama Samia that they are able to lead and bring about desired development in Tanzania.

We have been touched by President Samia Suluhu Hassan’s recent forward-looking speech as the chieftess comforter.

We are really encouraged by her brief speech and look forward to seeing new life growing in Tanzania even as we still experience the shock of bereavement. Let us keep this fire burning and play our part to support this new beginning for Tanzania and Tanzanians.

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