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As we mourn loss of JPM may his dream come true

AS the nation is still passing through the shock of bereavement following the loss of President John Magufuli, it’s time for Tanzanians to honour him by working hard and ensuring that nothing comes less of what he has initiated and planned to implement.

It is true that all Tanzanians and the world over will live to remember Dr Magufuli who was committed to making the country a better place to live in.

As the fifth phase President of Tanzania, Dr Magufuli used all God given talents to serve Tanzanians wholeheartedly and lift all Tanzanians from abject poverty.

This is witnessed by the love and emotions shown by mourners who thronged in two days in Dar es Salaam Region for which they paid their last respects to their beloved President Magufuli.

It is as an indication of how people from all walks of life were touched and benefitted in one way or the other due to the life and leadership of their patriotic leader Dr Magufuli.

Dr Magufuli walked the talk witnessed in various development projects implemented during his tenure in office that has left a mark in the hearts and lives of all Tanzanians.

The mark left by his life and action is an obligation for Tanzanians to work hard and continue honouring him by ensuring his vision to make a new Tanzania become a reality.

It’s time for all peace loving citizens to collectively strategise how to implement his legacy and projects he initiated, which in the long run are for our own benefits.

The beauty of it all is that President Magufuli significantly advanced his country’s socioeconomic development basically in terms of modern infrastructures and many other development projects.

The projects ranged from small, medium to mega in almost all sectors of the economy, including infrastructure, education, health, agriculture, financial services, water and industries.

It is during his term of office that we witnessed Tanzania entering the middle-income economy last year before the time scheduled that is 2025, giving a signal of the hard work and efforts made by President Magufuli to reach this stage of development.

Therefore, there are all reasons for Tanzanians from all walks of life to honour their beloved President Magufuli by working hard and ensuring that everything he initiated and planned are implemented for the benefit of all citizens.

It suffices to say that as we experience the loss of bereavement, we look forward to living his dream of transforming Tanzania into a developed and donor nation.

We are hopeful that this dream will be continued by the new President Samia Suluhu Hassan. May his soul rest in eternal peace! Amen.

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