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Standing ovation for JPM, sports owe you fortune

PRESIDENT John Magufuli’s move to establish a wing of Malya Sports Developments College at the University of Dar es Salaam, has come at a time when the country faces acute shortage of qualified coaches to groom professional players.

The late Magufuli who is laid to rest today in Chato, Geita Region did a lot in his endeavor to develop sports in the country and among the notable ones establishing the sports college wing in Dar es Salaam.

As opposed to its main centre, in remote Malya village, we are pleased to see its wing in Dar es Salaam because that will attract more people to attend the lessons easily.

Though the institution has so far produced many people who are doing a good job in uplifting sport standards in the country, the country still faces shortage of coaches and trainers to suit the rapid increase in number of players and coaches seeking to hone their talents.

Though it offers the certificates, the college’s courses in sports coaching education has been very vital to the country in its bid to curb the shortage of sport practitioners in district councils and educational institutions in the country.

While we commend the government’s commitment to upgrade Malya College of Sports Development (MCSD) so that to make it produce many qualified sport experts, we would like as well, to see more sports colleges at either zonal or regional levels since the sports population has been rapidly growing.

We end up calling the institution to nurture young talents so that they can fully be scientifically trained and developed. We suggest that the identified or talented youths should have specialisation so that they concentrate in either football or athletics and many other disciplines of their choices.

Looking at the top flight league today, we have seen the number of foreign coaches is bigger than the local ones, a situation we hope to change when our colleges produce enough trainers and quality players.

The race for the golden boots, which is at the moment commanded by Rwandan import Meddie Kegere, is a clear indication that the country needs a better system that can help groom professional players.

We end up advising young players to take the arrival of the sports college as a fortune for the country to groom young eager talents so that we have a pool of sportsmen climbing ladders.

SKILL showdown must be the major feature ...

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