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Taking one too many glasses is way too much

THEY say that Tanzanians will always look for a reason to have alcohol, that is why they have become very creative in looking for one, wanatafuta sababu ya kupiga vyombo muda wote.

It is said that when a Tanzanian lands a job, he will swallow alcohol to celebrate, when he is fired, he will drink himself silly because he is sad, when he marries, he will have a blast due to happiness, na ndoa ikivunjika atakunywa kujifariji.

This shows that we have people who love their drink, which is okay as long as you are paying for them, but my worry comes in the amount of alcohol these people consume, watu wanakunywa kupita maelezo. Having a drink once in a while is not bad, sio mbaya kabisa, but the problem is, they don’t know their limits, they don’t give a hoot about the amount of alcohol they consume, na hapo ndio tatizo linapoanzia.

The problem is, alcohol disinhibits us, making us say and do things that we’d otherwise keep under wraps, and this is because of taking more than you are supposed to, kweli nawaambia. Recently I was having a drink with an acquaintance in my neighbourhood, and in between two ladies walked in, very smart and respectable, yaani watu na heshima zao kabisa.

They went and sat at the counter, and they started their drinking orgy, yaani walikunywa hatari, and a few hours later they were as drunk as a skunk, yaani walikua nduki balaa. One of the ladies was smart enough to look for transport to take her home, while the other, a plumpish lady, decided to soldier on, watu wakawa wanamuangalia tu.

I can assure you barely one hour after her friend left, it became obvious that she had had one too many, because she started to do things which I am sure she could not do when she is sober, vitu vya aibu kabisa.

What happened after that could be a story for another day, but I can assure you that it was not a pretty sight, because apart from throwing up several times, she peed on herself, kujikojolea kabisa! Labda mimi niulize, hivi people who drink until they lose contact with the world of the sane, ni kwamba wanaikomoa pombe ama wanatafuta sifa?

Hivi kweli mtu mzima na akili yako, you drink alcohol until you have to be dragged home, hamuoni kama ni mambo ya aibu? It is shameful and disgusting, let me assure you. And what worries me most is that people with this kind of habit think it is fun, yaani eti wanaona ni sifa……all I can tell you is, shame on you! “Jana mzee nimepiga vyombo mpaka network ikakata, yaani nilizima kabisa!” you might hear one of them say, and you look at their faces to see if there is any remorse for their despicable behaviour, and you see none.

These are the same people who will behave in such a disastrous manner, and then in the morning they don’t remember anything, hivi ni kwamba unataka upigiwe makofi au? I have heard people who decide to drink so that they can face someone, which means that these people are cowards and believe that alcohol will give them confidence… “we muace tu, kuna siku nitamnywea pombe atanikoma.”

In social settings, alcohol is a good way of relaxing, but these are the people who give it a bad name, nawaambia kweli kabisa. If you think that you have a weak head, si uache tu pombe? There are some who go out and drink themselves silly, and when they return home they become a nuisance, fujo mtindo mmoja, and you still wonder why your children don’t respect you?

There was a time my neighbour, a very respectable fellow, came home in the wee hours of morning, and started beating his wife like a wayward dog, yaani alimdunda vilivyo! And then in the morning he had the audacity to blame alcohol….it is shameful, to say the least, it lowers your reputation and damage your dignity, kama hamniamini basi sawa, nyie endeleeni tu.

Mwengine utakuta hata hajala, and you start drinking as if your life depends on it, mnakera sana. Acha niwaambie, if you’re drinking socially, but a lot, you might be entering into problematic territory. You should be wary if you cross the line into what’s called ‘heavy drinking’, because there is a very thin line separating these two.

If you are having trouble initiating and maintaining reduced drinking goals, or people close to you are expressing concern or complaints about your drinking, then these are signs that additional help may be needed, it is as simple as that.

Mnatakiwa mjue pia kuwa children who grow up in a home with a loved one dealing with alcohol addiction may be affected as well; they are at significant risk to develop alcohol use disorders themselves, huo ndio ukweli, because addiction starts the way you are starting.

Apart from money spent on drinks, heavy drinkers may suffer other economic problems such as lower wages and lost employment opportunities, increased medical and legal expenses, and decreased eligibility for loans, kila wakati utakua unakopa tu.

The relationship between alcohol and domestic violence is complex and the precise role of alcohol remains unclear. Heavy drinking has been strongly linked to violence between partners and to a lesser extent to violence towards others, possibly because proximity increases the opportunities for violence.

Whether you like it or not, you should take a deep look at yourself and work on that problem, kwa sababu inakua ni kero, and this strongly applies to women too, it is a bad behaviour. Hivi kweli mwanamke na heshima zako unakunywa mpaka unazima unaona ni sifa? And then when something bad happens, you fail to realise that you brought it on yourself.

It is in such situations that some women are raped, take my word, because you become vulnerable to anything….msiseme sikuwaambia.

Mwandishi: Anthony Tambwe

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