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Mo Dewji among 18 Africa richest people

Tanzanian business tycoon and philanthropist Mohammed Dewji is among 18 richest people in africa, the new Forbes africa’s Billionaires Report released shows.

Valued at $1.6 billion the managing director of Mohammed Enterprises Tanzania Limited (MeTL), popularly known as Mo, is the 13th richest person in africa and the only East african in the list.

Mo has continued to maintain his position as the youngest billionaire with unchanged fortune of $1.6 billion as compared to outcome of the 2020 evaluations.

Aliko Dangote from nigeria has also maintained his position as the top richest person in africa with his fortune valued at $ 11.6billion followed by nassef Sawiris from Egypt with an estimated net worth of $8.5billion.

However, Dangote is placed at the 190th slot in the World Forbes list of richest people.

The 18 richest people in africa have a combined net worth of $74 billion. nicky Oppenheimer from South africa is the third in africa with an estimated net worth of $ 8 billion while Johann Rupert also from South africa is placed in the fourth slot with a net worth of $ 7.2 billion. number five comes Mike adenuga from nigeria with a net worth $ 6.3 billion.

Mo Dewji has all along insisted on collaborating with the government in building and promoting the economy of the country and individual citizens.

Last year Mr Dewji emerged at the 16th spot of Forbes africa’s Billionaires but this year he has been placed 13th spot Mo Dewji has MeTL, a Company that engages in a number of activities including textile manufacturing, real estate, transport, logistics, agribusiness, energy, flour milling, beverages, financial services and edible oils in eastern, southern and central africa. METL operates in at least six african countries and has ambitions to expand to several more.

Mo Dewji is the only Tanzanian billionaire who signed the Giving Pledge in 2016, promising to donate at least half his fortune to philanthropic causes.

MeTL Group has employed about 33,000 people and it is planning to employ around 100,000 people by 2025. Dewji served as Member of the Tanzanian Parliament for Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) from 2005 to 2015 for his home town of Singida.

With a passion in football, Mo Dewji is a major Simba Sports Club investor and serves as the Chair of the Board.

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