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CAG punches holes on BRT phase ll project

THE implementation of the Dar es Salaam Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) phase II has been divulged to be in a tricky direction in attaining value for money due to poor supervision and failure to execute consultancy services contract on time.

The Controller and Audit General (CAG) report states that there have been delay in taking prompt action in implementing the multibillion project.

“TANROADS did not ensure that execution of consultancy services contract meets the timeline for design of the project."

This is because the design of the project was associated with delays of 80 days and partial site handover to the ConsultantIt added that TANROADS did not ensure that the final design review report meets the timeline because there was a delay of seven months for the submission of the final design review report.

According to the CAG, implementation of the project was not convincing and whether it will be able to achieve the expected completion time, cost and quality as per terms and conditions of the contract.

Moreover, the report punched holes on the implementation of the project, saying TANROADS did not ensure the project was executed by staff with the right qualifications.

“It was found that 16 out of 25 staff did not have evidence on professional registration,” reads the report.

It added: “TANROADS did not ensure that foreign staff complied with immigration law of the country before being engaged in the project. This is because 7 out of 20 foreign staff did not have work permits,” The CAG report explained that in lot 2, the audit noted that the key staff who were listed in the signed contract were all replaced by other staff during execution of the project.

“On the other hand, it was found that not all staff were registered by professional boards, which are Engineers Registration Board (ERB) and Architects and Quantity Surveyor Registration Board (AQRB),” said the CAG.

The BRT Project-Phase 2 is implemented under two Lots. Lot 1 involves the construction of infrastructure that includes 20.3kilometres of exclusive BRT lanes in the middle of mixed traffic lanes as well as facilities for Non-Motorised Transport (NMT) along Kilwa Road corridor, sections of Bandari road, Sokoine Drive and Kawawa Road.

The project corridor traverses from Mbagala area in Temeke District to the Central Business District where it connects with Phase 1 of the BRT system at Kariakoo and Zanzibar ferries terminals.

Lot 2 involves construction of buildings such as main depot at Mbagala, two terminals and five feeder stations at various locations. The project was scheduled to be implemented over a period of 4 years (2016-2020).

However, due to delays in design and procurement phases, the contract completion date for Lot 1 is scheduled for May 5, 2022. BRT Project-Phase 2 is expected to benefit an estimated population of at least 1.2 million representing about 25 per cent of the Dar es Salaam City’s population.

Other beneficiaries include users of major city roads connecting arterial roads including Mandela and Nyerere Roads.

Based on the appraisal report, key outcomes include improved accessibility to the larger populations of Dar es Salaam particularly Temeke Municipality, reduced travel time to public transport commuters, improved air quality to travellers and residents living close to the roadway and improved property value arising from reduced congestion.

The estimated total cost of the project net of taxes was 285.1bn/-.

The project is jointly financed by the African Development Bank (ADB) (61.1 per cent), Africa Growing Together Fund (AGTF) (27.8 per cent) and the Government of Tanzania (GoT) (11.1 per cent). for the commencement of works,” reads part of the report.

MWANZA Regional Commissioner (RC), John Mongela has ...


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