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Over 19,000 villages to be electrified in REA phase II

THE government will connect electricity to the remaining 1,900 villages during the implementation of the Rural Energy Agency’s Phase II project which is currently in progress in various parts of the country, it insisted.

Deputy Minister for Energy Stephen Byabato told the House Friday that the government is well prepared to ensure that the entire country is connected to power to stimulate individual income and the country’s development.

Mr Byabato was responding to a question by Special Seats MP Kunti Yusuph (Chadema) who wanted to know when will the government connect power to Handa, Lalta, Sanzawa and Mpendo wards in Chemba District, Dodoma Region. He said that all villages in the said wards will be connected to power by December 2022 through the ongoing REA project.

“A total of 27.3bn/- will be spent to implement the power connection project in Chemba District. In this, a power line of 33KV covering 681.4 kilometers as well as 0.4KV covering 50 kilometers will be constructed whereby 1,100 customers will be among the first beneficiaries,” he explained.

According to him, the state-owned power utility Tanzania Electric Supply Company (TANESCO) has so far connected majority of residents in rural and urban areas adding that it is currently working to ensure that it covers the remaining areas within the next few years.

He said as the country implement its industrialisation agenda one of the strategies is to ensure that people have access to electricity so that they can also improve their livelihood by conducting small scale businesses.

Mr Byabato called upon people living in villages and suburbs in the region who are yet to be connected to power to be patient since the project is in progress.

“Through REA project, the government has also been connecting power to households at a very low cost with some of them getting the service for free, the aim is to support the government to stimulate economic development,” he said.

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