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Hoima-Tanga pipeline construction starts this month

The construction of a major crude oil pipeline from Hoima in Uganda to Tanga in Tanzania will begin this month, (April 2021), instead of July 2021 for a period of three years the parliament was told on Monday.

Being the longest pipeline in the country, it will pass through eight regions, 24 districts,127 villages and 502 wards.

That was said by Minister of Energy Dr Medard Kalemani in the National Assembly while responding to a question by the Kiteto MP (CCM) Edward Ole Lekaita

On his question Mr Ole Lekaita sought to know the government’s plans in providing preferential jobs and business opportunities for the Kiteto villagers, who will witness 117.1 km pipeline stretch snake in their district.

In response, Dr Kelemani said that the project will create about 10,000 local job opportunities in early stages and 15,000 more during the construction and other work phases.

“All the places through which Oil Pipeline will pass…should come forward and take advantage of these opportunities because the project is a blessing Tanzanians,” Minister Kalemani said.

Earlier Deputy Minister for Energy, Mr Steven Byabato said in Tanzania the pipeline will pass through eighty regions and 24 Districts, citing Kiteto area covering 117.1 km and a storage camp at Ndaleta village as well as workers' camp in Njoro Village.

“The passing of pipeline through Kiteto District will see its residents benefiting from this project by doing business, getting employment and economic social opportunities, “said Mr Byabato.

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