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Keep off divisive politics, Mbowe told

THE Tanzania Peace Foundation has accused Chama Cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo (Chadema) Chairperson Mr Freeman Mbowe of sowing seeds of ‘divisive politics’ as the country ushers in a new dawn under President Samia Suluhu Hassan.

Through its chairperson Sadiki Godigodi, the foundation, took issue with Mr Mbowe Sunday’s press conference, deeming it uncalled for.

“While he intended to say the right thing, Mr Mbowe just missed the point, his utterances are simply misplaced,” he alleged.

Mr Godigodi said a huge chunk of Mr Mbowe’s speech which focused on the late John Magufuli’s administration, was biased, urging the Chadema Chairperson to give credit where it is due.

“For instance, it’s not that Dr Magufuli chased away investors as Mbowe purportedly put it…if anything, he should be thankful to the late President for shunning the lockdown for the sake of our economy,” observed Mr Godigodi.

In the same vein, the foundation also called on the opposition leader to stop rushing President Samia into reaching decisions that he said will appease the opposition.

Mr Godigodi said such decisions were within the President’s discretion; further urging Mr Mbowe to let the president focus on her priorities.

“Why is he commanding the president to reintroduce the constitution writing process when she has a lot on her bucket list, let the president decide when she deems fit to revive the process,” he said.

On Sunday, Mr Mbowe called on the government to prioritise a new constitution, reviving calls for limiting presidential powers. He also demanded the president to “fasttrack” her proposal of forming a task force to research on Covid-19 pandemic.

However, Mr Mbowe also had good things to say about the late president, defining him as a leader who devoted himself to hard work and made bold decisions that ordinary people would not dare to make.

“The late President Magufuli always worked hard and dedicated himself to serving the nation. He worked day and night. He believed in hard work and always insisted others to work hard. This was a good character,” Mbowe said.

Mr Mbowe also had the opportunity to explain to the press how saddened he was for not participating in the state funeral. He told the press that he had not been in the country since December 4th, last year on a party official visit abroad.

In spite of his absence, he told the press that his party was well involved in the state funeral under its General Secretary John Mnyika.

Meanwhile, the Peace Foundation commended President Samia for sealing the East Africa Crude Oil Pipeline deal between Tanzania and Uganda.

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