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It pays off to make it a skill showdown derby

It pays off to make it a skill showdown derby

SKILL showdown must be the major feature when Simba and Young Africans meet again at Benjamin Mkapa Stadium to entertain over 60,000 fans in what is expected to be an epic derby.

We insist on skills showdown since the derby is a platform that showcase the value of the players, teams and the whole league since the teams are among the best in the country and even in the region.

Players and officials must avoid nasty things that may tarnish their images and that of their teams and putting into consideration that our league has a huge number of followers continental wise, we must strictly make it an event that strictly adhere to professionalism.

Infact, it is the derby that has received massive advertisement and through Azam Television, the broadcast partners of the Mainland Premier League had an advert of the derby running at least twice every hour on their sports channels, making the derby almost a continental affair.

In what popularly termed derby fever there have been many talk shows aired for an hour daily on Azam sports engaged fans of Yanga and Simba in dialogues that was specifically meant to create hype before the game while providing a platform for banter. Newspapers may just take the cake in hyping the derby.

Front pages were splashed with anticipated line ups, camp and training information, interviews and the likes. This is greatly helped by the fact that there are dedicated sports tabloids in Tanzania.

Important to note that fans hosted in the shows were picked from respective branches of the arch rivals.

The branches play a critical role in the success of the game as they are used to organise the fans and help as many as possible attend the derby. Nothing much going on here, just 60,000 people crammed into the Taifa Stadium to enjoy 90minutes of football, Dar Derby.

As fans travel from far and wide, respective city branches are encouraged to welcome and help them with logistics while in the city. Both teams also played their part in advertising the game.

Through their respective shows Yanga and Simba Television that air on Friday on Azam sports, they put the word out there. Interviews with former and current players and officials form part of the content.


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