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Modern agriculture laboratory in pipeline

Modern agriculture laboratory in pipeline

THE Government plans to construct a vast-modern agriculture laboratory that will raise agricultural researches in the country.

The initiative, targeting to improve production and productivity in agricultural activities, will also see a meaningful exercise to renovate at least 10 agro laboratories in various areas within the country.

Coordinator of the Agriculture Sector Development Programme (ASDP II), Vumilia Zinkakuba, said upon the completion, farmers in the country will be able to cultivate more professionally.

“In the next five years the government intends to attain major transformation in the agricultural sector, and thus, to have the vision accomplished, among others, the government has realised the need to invest largely in agro-researches facilities,” she stated.

It is projected; the facility will be of help to the sector and meet intended scientific researches on improved seeds, soil testing and fertility, as well as to spearhead a war against effects of climate change. Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture installed and launched a modern internal control seed quality laboratory at the Morogoro- based Agriculture Seed Agency (ASA).

The initiative, supported by the Expanding Rice Production Project (ERPP) eyes to facilitate professional monitoring of the seed produced at the Agency’s farms in line with implementation of the 10 years strategy by the government to heighten performance of seed production sector in Tanzania.

According to Agriculture Deputy Minister, Hussein Bashe, the parent ministry is implementing the key strategy aimed at improving the country’s seed adequacy which currently stands at 80 percent.

The initiative, according to him, focuses at enabling Tanzanians to benefit from expanded external seed markets. ASA’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dr Sophia Kashenge, said the actual demand for improved seed stands at 186,500 tonnes in a year, but what is being produced is only 71,000 tonnes, a grim statistics which weakens performance of the sector.


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