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TALIRI livestock  suitable for  crossbreeding,  herders told

TALIRI livestock suitable for crossbreeding, herders told

PASTORALISTS in Dodoma and neighbouring regions have been advised to use livestock at the Tanzania Livestock Research Institute (TALIRI), Mpwapwa Centre for crossbreeding in order to obtain hybrid yields.

The call was made in Mpwapwa District by a researcher at TALIRI Mpwapwa Centre, Erick Mbisha, during a recent media tour organised by the Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH).

Addressing a team of journalists, Mr Mbisha said the improved cows known as Mpwapwa cattle at the centre have a capacity to grow fast and produce enough dairy and meat, adding that they are disease resistant and can survive in any Tanzania environment. Mr Mbisha had conducted a study on breeding selection andmultiplication of dairy cattle breed suitable for tropical environments.

Pastoralists need to acquire and maintain parent genetic materials from the centre and do crossbreeding, with an intention to producing an offspring that share the traits of both parent lineages, or producing an organism with hybrid vigor.

According to Mr Mbisha, at their cattle farm located at Ilolo area, many pastoralists were flocking the area to buy their products and that the response from them is that they were yielding positive results.

“Many of them have been sending messages of appreciation that the Mpwapwa cattle can live in any environment and that are drought resistant,’’ he noted.


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    Arthur L Taylor

    Yes we know the MPWAPWA COw is Superior. Now we need BOTH Heifers and Bulls to upgrade the Bloodlines. Also need availability of Semen for SO please.

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